Toss Your Tent, And Camp In A Hammock

Old school campers hike into the woods, pitch a tent and set up a sleeping bag on the cold, hard ground. But now there's another way. Hundreds of campers are leaving their tents at home and bringing along hammocks instead. Here are some reasons to camp with a hammock. 

Tents are Uncomfortable

Tents allow you to sleep in the great outdoors, but they can be uncomfortable. Tents tend to get cold at night and then turn into sweat lodges by morning. The air in a tent can be stale, and there is very little airflow without large flaps being left open. 

Hammocks solve these problems by allowing you to float right out in the fresh air. You can control your own heating options, and best of all you always have a wonderful view of the stars. 

Better Sleep

Many campers report much better sleep in a hammock than they get in a tent. One reason is because the ground is hard and lumpy while sleeping in a hammock involves no pressure points at all. Hammock users say that they are more comfortable, sleep deeper and are better rested than they were when they've slept in tents. 

Amazing Accessories

You can buy accessories for your hammock to keep you safe and comfortable under a large number of camping conditions. Your hammock can be outfitted with a mosquito net for warm nights when bugs are a problem. You can also get a hammock tarp for rain or other bad weather. Even use the tarp to create a private place to change your clothes. Hammocks can even be layered for warmth in cold weather. 

There are a variety of easy to use hammock stands or hangers that do not require evenly spaced trees. You can even get a bag to hang on your hammock and hold your gear. 

Put it Up Anywhere

A hammock makes perfect sense for campers who love a rustic experience. While a tent requires a space with certain characteristics, you can hang a hammock almost anywhere. 

Non-Camping Uses

Hammocks are more than just great camping equipment. You'll find plenty of uses for your hammock even when you aren't camping. 

  • Enjoy a nap in your own backyard.
  • Take some time to cuddle.
  • Bring your hammock along on a picnic.
  • Set it up in the house for the kids to play. 

If you've been camping out in a tent all your life, you might be missing something big. Try a hammock on your next camping trip, and you may never bring that tent out again. You can find hammocks for sale in your area.

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