Understanding The Difference Between Commercial And Retail LED Christmas Lights

If you're envious of your neighbor's yearly holiday light display, maybe it's time for you to get in on the action. To compete, you'll have to give up on those low quality lights you pick up from your local hardware or discount store. You need commercial-grade LED Christmas lights.

The Difference between Commercial and Retail

There's some confusion as to what constitutes commercial LED Christmas lights. One cause of that confusion is the tendency for some retailers to use the word "commercial" indiscriminately for their retail lights. But if you want to create an epic display, you need real commercial or professional LED lighting. So what sets commercial lighting apart from the lesser retail offerings?

The Look of the Wires

One of the first things you'll notice about commercial-grade lights is that they don't connect like retail lights. Retail lights have regular plugs, that's so they can fit into the normal sockets in your home. When you connect multiple strings of these lights, they all connect to each other the same way with standard sockets.

In contrast, commercial Christmas lights tend to use a threaded two-pronged coaxial connection. In addition, they require a power adapter for any point where you want to plug them in. They're also shorter in length than retail lights.

These differences exist for a reason. You see, commercial-grade means thicker wires (at least 20-gauge) and more insulation. That's why commercial Christmas lights are more suitable for outdoor use. The wire is more durable and capable of carrying more electricity for longer distances. This is important if you're going all-out with your lighting.

The Look of the Lights

Another thing you may notice about commercial-grade LED Christmas lights is that they can often look a lot like retail lights from a distance. But the second biggest difference you will notice is that many commercial Christmas lights do not include the easily removable bulbs. But that shouldn't concern you. The irremovable bulbs actually add durability and longevity to the individual bulbs.

You ever notice how quickly the replaceable bulbs on retail led strings often go out and need replacement? That's because they're unprotected and long. The length causes many failure points and the absence of protection causes the failures. Commercial-grade lights don't have as many failure points and are made in such a way that they easily resist letting moisture and debris in to ruin the bulb.

Shop for Christmas LEDs Only from Reputable Dealers

Basically, commercial LED Christmas lights are specifically manufactured to meet the rigors of a commercial environment. You should note there are many commercial Christmas lighting solutions that do not conform to these quick rules.

That's why it's important that you deal with a professional commercial Christmas lighting service with a good track-record of selling quality commercial lights. They can have your home and yard outshining the neighbor's in no time.

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