Top 3 Ideas To Fill Your Pockets With Cash And Get You Started With The Gold Rush

With the prices of gold going through the roof, it is a good time to get your hands on this precious metal. Today, there are many ways you can add gold to your assets. Try your hand at prospecting, reclaim gold from electronics, invest in jewelry or buy a few minted coins to get in on the modern gold rush. Here are some of the best ideas to line your pockets and get the gold fever:

1. Stake Your Claim and Try Mining in Areas with Known Gold

It may seem like a farfetched idea to mine for gold, but there are many states with valuable gold deposits. In states like Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Montana are areas with gold deposits where you can easily prospect for gold. In these states, small panning hobbies may not always bring you the next big nugget, but you are sure to find something. Prospecting is something to consider for more as a hobby than a business venture, but there is still a chance of striking it rich, especially with the price of gold as high as it is right now.

2. Recycle Old Electronics for Their Weight in Gold and Other Precious Metals

Old electronics are something you usually just throw out or take to the local second-hand store. Think about recovering the precious metals from your electronics before you just throw them out. Gold is just one of the precious metals that are in electronic devices. The electronics you throw away also contain metals like silver and platinum. Recovering gold and other metals from electronics can be a dangerous process using chemicals, but it is a rewarding effort when you see the gold you get out of them.

3. Get in On the Rush for A Fun Hobby of Collecting Coins and Other Valuable Objects

Prospecting and refining gold from old electronics is too much work for a lot of people. If you are looking for something easier where you can get in on the gold rush, consider collectibles. Pawn shops often have many items that are priced to sell. The coins, jewelry and other collectables may be valuable for their metal weight, but sometimes are even more valuable to collectors that are willing to pay top dollar for rare and collectable goods.

With the price of gold and other precious metals as high as they are, getting in on the rush will help you build assets and fill your pockets with cash. Contact pawn shop to sell and buy precious metals, collectibles and other items. 

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