Getting The Most Money For Your Diamond

Investing in gemstones can be a simple way to amass personal wealth. If you have diamond jewelry that you need to convert into cash, getting the most money for your gemstones is important.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure you are able to maximize your profits when selling diamonds in the future:

1. Have your diamond appraised.

In order to demand the highest asking price possible, you need to know what your diamond is worth. It can be beneficial to invest in an independent appraisal for your gemstone prior to attempting to sell the diamond on the open market.

Buyers will be able to invest in your stone with confidence when they read a professional appraisal outlining the carat weight, clarity, and estimated value of the stone. Having this documentation can make your diamond more appealing to buyers, allowing you to demand top-dollar for your stone.

2. Remove your diamond from any settings.

Sometimes it can be beneficial to remove your diamond from any jewelry setting it may be a part of prior to attempting to sell the stone. While diamonds retain their value over time, they can be less desirable when part of a dated setting.

Jewelry fashions change regularly, leaving some pieces outdated. If your stone is in a dated setting, the setting could turn potential buyers away. Removing the stone from a dated jewelry setting will help you secure the most money possible when selling your diamond in the future.

3. Place your diamond in a specialty auction.

Finding interested buyers can be challenging for individuals who don't work in the jewelry industry. If you want to maximize the value of your diamond, it can be beneficial to place the stone in a specialty auction.

Auction houses invest time and money into marketing the lots they sell to potential buyers. This means that your diamond will receive a lot of exposure, and hopefully create enough interest to generate a bidding war. You can set a reserve price so that you don't lose money on the sale, making auctions a great outlet for the sale of diamonds.

Turning your diamond into cash can be challenging. To ensure you receive the most money possible for your precious stone have the diamond appraised before selling it, remove the gemstone from a dated setting, and consider utilizing an auction house to help you find potential buyers.

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