Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A Color Printer For Your Home Office

Years ago, if you needed something printed in color, it meant heading to a local office supply store or printing service to have your items printed. However, color printers are far more accessible and affordable than what they were years ago. Therefore, buying one for your home office is a perfectly logical thing to do. To ensure that you get the best for your money, you should carefully think about what you really need. Here are three questions to know the answers to before you look at color printers for sale:

How often will you need to print colored-ink pieces?

Do you print a lot of colored brochures, marketing materials, or even school projects that will require colored ink? If so, make sure you look for color printers that offer fairly affordable and simple ink refills. Some of the best printers offer automatic ink refill shipping, so when ink levels get low, you are automatically shipped the colors you need without actually having to place an order. Keep in mind also that some of the more inexpensive printers often have ink refills that are a little more expensive. Take the time to check out the ink refill options before you buy a specific model. 

Where will the printed materials you need be coming from?

Will you be primarily sending images for printing from your laptop or computer? Will you need to print images from a disc on occasion? Are you going to need to print a lot of images straight from a memory card? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you pick a printer that has the capabilities you need in your home office. If you primarily print items from an SD card, for example, you will not want a printer that can only print an image sent from your computer because you can simplify the process. 

How much space do you have to dedicate to a printer?

Printers come in a range of models and sizes, from small compact models for desktop use to standalone printers that take up some floor space. If you only have a tiny home office, it will not be ideal for you to have a printer that takes up a lot of space. While wireless printers make it possible to keep the printer in another room, you have to think about if this is a logical solution when choosing the proper printer size.

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