Decorations To Consider When You're Hosting Your First Christmas

Hosting Christmas for the first time at your own home is exciting. It is wonderful to be able to provide a great time for your friends and family on this special holiday. It is also a big responsibility. Not only will you be planning a meal, but you will be responsible for being the holiday cheer captain this year. 

It's no surprise that buying Christmas decorations for your home is a big investment. You'll have them for years, so you want to get them right. Of course, you can add on as the years go by, and you don't have to get everything at once. Still, here is a list of things to put on your shopping list. 


You need lights not only for the tree, but also for the outside of your home. Note that these won't be the same; the cheap string lights work for your tree, but you will want outdoor rated lights for the outside of your home. 

Holiday Figurines

Holiday figurines are knick knacks that you can put on shelves, under the tree, and around the house. They can help bring the whole theme together. Holiday figurine sets could be of the nativity, of festive winter characters, or of other wintry scenes that strike your fancy. They're great because they're versatile. 


Even if you don't want to encourage overindulgence in candy, it's a cute holiday tradition to have stockings with the names of every member of the family. You can put small gifts in them that people will be able to open before Christmas. Get enough for all of your family members, plus a number of extras for people you might invite over for Christmas. You wouldn't want anyone to be left out!

Decorative Cutlery and Table Settings

Things like a decorative tablecloth, placemats, goblets, plates, and cups could be a worthwhile investment. They are special dishes that you'll only use once a year, which can signal the great importance and festivity of the holiday. 

Talking Displays

You might want to consider talking displays that say "merry Christmas" or play holiday tunes. One example would be a santa doll that reacts to motion, or a reindeer display that moves and plays music. It's nice to be reminded of the holidays every once in a while, and these motion-sensor dolls will draw your attention back to the festive spirit. Any of these items will help make your home a cozy place to spend the holidays. 

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