How Are You Honoring Your Parents On Their Fiftieth Anniversary?

If your parents are celebrating fifty years of marriage, they do indeed deserve to be honored. After all, staying married to the same person for half a century more than likely had its high points and its low points. Are you hosting an anniversary event for them? If so, you may be pondering how to decorate for the big event. From ordering an anniversary bouquet to buying flower baskets to use as centerpieces, here are some ideas on how to decorate for the anniversary celebration that you are hosting.

The Anniversary Bouquet

Consider starting your parent's special day by having an anniversary bouquet delivered right to their home. The florist will be happy to help you select the perfect arrangement. For example, he or she might suggest that the arrangement have fifty red roses as part of the design. Or, if you know which flowers are your parent's favorites, the florist will more than likely be able to use those in the anniversary bouquet. Consider asking the florist to add something unique to the arrangement. For example, even your mother's and father's favorite candy bars can be placed in the bouquet. As you select the flowers for the anniversary bouquet, consider also selecting a gorgeous vase that your parents will enjoy using after the event is over. It will certainly be a reminder of the event you planned in their honor. Of course, you will probably want to have a personal note added to the order. 

The Flower Baskets

As you plan the decorations for the anniversary event you are hosting for your parent's fiftieth anniversary, consider using flower baskets for the centerpieces. Again, the florist will help you to decide which flowers and which design to use for the arrangements. To create something truly unique, consider finding small snapshots of your parents from the time they got married until present day. The florist will be able to incorporate all of the snapshots right into the flower arrangement. Again, candy bars would be a fun addition to the flower baskets. For example, if there are going to be eight place settings at the meal tables, ask the florist to place eight candy bars in the arrangements that will go on each table. At an appropriate time during the celebration, tell the guests that they are welcome to take the candy bars for themselves. 

As you work with the florist, make sure that everything is in writing so that there won't be any misunderstandings of when you will want the flowers ready. For more information, visit websites like

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