Rules To Give A Child Upon Giving Him/Her A Whoopee Cushion

Where joke gifts are concerned, there's perhaps nothing more classic than a whoopee cushion. If you're looking for something fun to give your child, this gift may be the perfect choice. These devices are inexpensive and will likely give your child a considerable amount of entertainment — as well as keep the whole household laughing. Even if you don't want to be a stickler for rules, it's advantageous to lay out a bit of a structure for your child after you give this joke gift. Here are some sample rules that may be appropriate in this situation.

No Targeting Certain Family Members

A good rule to give a child to whom you've given a whoopee cushion is to avoid targeting certain family members who may not see the humor in this device. Some grandparents, for example, may be perfect targets of this harmless fun. However, others may not. A grandparent who is traditional and a stickler for manners and may feel as though a child using a whoopee cushion on him or her is disrespectful of the elder generation, and this could quickly result in the grandparent reprimanding the child. It's a good idea to outline the family members on whom your child shouldn't use this gag.

It Stays In The House

Under certain circumstances, you may allow your child to take the whoopee cushion elsewhere, such as a friend's house for a sleepover party. However, you might also wish to institute a rule that prohibits him or her from taking it out of the house. Children may be keen to take their joke gift to school with them, but this could prove to be disruptive and may lead to disciplinary problems for your child — and could also get the whoopee cushion confiscated. You also don't want the child sneaking the whoopee cushion into church, as this could be highly inappropriate.

Try To Get Me Each Day

While the above rules may make you feel like a bit of a killjoy, it's fun to give your child a silly rule when he or she gets a whoopee cushion. One such rule can be a challenge — try to get me every day with it. Make a fun "rule" that your child has to trick you into sitting on the whoopee cushion at least once a day. This can set up a fun dynamic between the two of you, in which you'll often be careful about where you sit down, and your child will constantly be trying to slip the device under your seat.

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