3 Handbag Styles That Are Perfect For A Music Festival

Attending a music festival is sure to be one of the most exciting things you do all summer. Not only do you get to enjoy amazing music with other fans, but dressing for the event is a fun experience, too. One accessory whose important can't be overlooked is your bag. At a music festival, it not only needs to be stylish, but it also needs to hold and protect your things. Here are three bag styles that fit the bill.

Slouchy Bohemian Bags

If you're going all out in the Bohemian style, as is possible at festivals, than a big, slouchy handbag that you can drape over your shoulder is a good choice. Just make sure it is one that zips shut, as this offers better protection for your items than a pull-string closure. Many Bohemian handbags just have one big compartment, but if you can manage to find one with a small zip pouch inside, you can use that to store your money, ID, and phone, placing your less valuable items, like your water bottle, in the main compartment. The more colorful the bag, the better — you want to be able to distinguish it from any similar bags your friends may carry, since this is a really popular style for festivals.

A Mini Backpack

Another good choice is a miniature backpack. You can find ones made from floral or tapestry-like material that will stand out against your outfit. With this style of bag, you can slip it on and then always have your hands free. You do have to worry that someone may take something out of the bag without you knowing, but you can put a tiny lock on one of the zip compartments and keep your valuables in there.

Cross-Body Bag

Another option is to don a messenger-style cross-body bag. For whatever reason, these are really popular in bright, solid colors like hot pink and mustard yellow. If you are wearing a lot of patterns elsewhere in your outfit, the solid-colored cross-body bag may look nice since it will contrast the rest of your look. An advantage of this style of bag is that you can keep your hands off of it — but it's also right there on the front of your body where you can watch it and access it easily.

What style of bag are you going to wear to the festival? The sky is the limit; don't be afraid to get creative!

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