Tips For Building A Positive Life Mindset

An abundant life begins in the mind. There have been several people throughout the years that have taught about the science of positive thinking, from Neville Goddard and Napoleon Hill to Helen Schucman and Rev. Ike. In recent years, positive thinking has received a resurgence, largely because of the advent of YouTube and other forms of social media. People are studying the Law of Attraction and learning more about how the way you think dictates your reality. 

Whether you just want peace in your mind and heart, or want to use positive thinking to achieve your goals, follow these tips. 

Wake up, journal and write affirmations that get you through your days

The way you wake up will dictate a lot about how you think and act throughout the course of your day. If the first thing you do is roll over and check your phone, you will most likely be bombarded and inundated with a lot of thoughts and ideas that have nothing to do with you. Social media is great, but can also be a distracting and even toxic landscape. Instead of doing this, make sure that you give yourself some quiet time, in which you journal, meditate, or embrace any other process that helps you center yourself and set your intention for the day. 

In addition to jotting out your thoughts, take the time to write out positive affirmations. Do so in the present tense, starting with the words "I Am", so that you can use this affirmation throughout your day. Be sure that your affirmation centers around what you want, not what you don't want to happen. This way, you will be proactive, rather than reactive to everything that you face throughout your day. 

Invest in some motivational apparel and other items that serve as great reminders

The saying goes "You are what you eat". Let's take it a step further and assert that you are what you wear. Be sure that you invest in some purpose motivational jerseys that can show your pride and positivity, while also serving as a reminder. This way, you won't forget your affirmations, and will even be a light to other people trying to make it through dark times. 

In addition to jerseys and t-shirts, consider getting your hands on some bracelets that contain messages that you can easily check throughout the day for a positive reminder. 

These tips will help you build a positive mindset for your life.

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