Headwear For Long Stints On The Road

A structured trucker hat that contains mesh paneling will prevent perspiration from building up on your husband's hairline or forehead while he is driving across the country. In addition, this type of headwear can be used to promote your husband's business and provide him with an air of professionalism, whenever he interacts with a recipient of the goods that are being delivered.

Take Your Husband's Style Into Consideration

If your spouse is an independent owner-operator, it will be beneficial to choose a hat design that has the name of his enterprise displayed across the front of the headwear. The hat can contain unique lettering or a picture that relates to his business. Think about the type of uniform that your husband tends to wear during long hauls. If he wears solid-colored coveralls or a jacket and trousers, a hat that contains a similar color scheme will give him a polished appearance.

Don't choose a brightly-colored hat or one that contains many pictures and descriptions, unless your husband is somewhat flamboyant and tends to dress in a similar manner or if his business advertising coincides with a more bold display that will work well with a flashy hat. A snapback closure, an adjustable bill, and stain-resistant fabric are some features to look for when browsing trucker hats.

Purchase A Set Of Hats For Long Hauls Or Employees

If your spouse runs a trucking operation that serves many clients and he will be on the road for long stints, more than one hat will come in handy. Your spouse can change hats whenever he is going to wear a fresh outfit, and this will prevent him from needing to launder each uniform and accessories until he has returned home. If you order headwear that your husband thinks is truly representative of his trucking business, and he has gotten used to wearing each hat, he may want to purchase additional headwear for anyone who is employed by him.

If there are going to be several employees who are covering all of the deliveries within a specific region, the customers who are served can call each driver by name if the drivers are each wearing a hat that is personalized. Discuss this option with your husband and help him select headwear for each of his employees. Choose hand-stitched lettering, patches, or iron-on transfers to embellish each hat that will be given to one of the truck drivers. 


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