4 Tips To Help You Get Comfortable Visiting A Dispensary

Dispensaries allow you to purchase medical marijuana for home use. Even though medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana is legal in many states, you may still feel nervous or self-conscious about visiting a dispensary for the first time. Here are four tips that will help you get comfortable purchasing cannabis from a dispensary:

1. Don't go alone.

Doing new things with friends can make the experience less scary. Find a friend who also has a medical marijuana card and ask them to accompany you to the dispensary. Better still, ask your friend to take you to their favorite dispensary. They can show you their favorite products once you arrive. You'll be having so much fun with your friend that you'll forget to be nervous during your shopping trip.

2. Choose a less busy time of day.

You can also reduce your anxiety by going to the dispensary when it's less crowded. This tip is especially helpful for people who fear looking foolish or being judged by others. While it's unlikely that anyone is actually judging you, staying out of crowds can help you feel better. Ask the staff members at your local dispensary when their least busy times are. You'll probably have good luck avoiding crowds early during weekdays when many people are still at work.

3. Remember that you're entitled to be there.

As long as you have a medical marijuana card, you're entitled to be inside a dispensary. If you feel uncomfortable or nervous at any time, remind yourself that you have every right to be there. Dispensary employees will do their best to put you at ease and make you feel welcome, but positive self-talk can be wonderfully helpful as well. The common saying "fake it until you make it" can come in handy in these situations. Act confident, and you may find that you start to feel more confident too.

4. Frequent the same dispensary.

If you often feel nervous or uncomfortable when visiting new places, you can combat the feeling by visiting the same dispensary every time. Repeating the same action over and over allows you to build a routine. When you purchase cannabis at one dispensary, you'll become familiar with the layout, furniture, and design. You'll have the opportunity to build friendly rapport with the staff, which can make you feel more comfortable. It may take some time, but developing a routine will make every dispensary visit more pleasant.

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