Shop At Your Local Pawn Shops

If you are shopping for gifts on a tight budget, think of going to local pawn shops. You'll find a very wide variety of gift ideas displayed in an attractive manner. In addition, you'll find that the clerks are attentive, helpful, and courteous. 

Think of the people for whom you are shopping and write their names on a list that you can keep with you. When you buy a gift for somebody on the list, just check that person's name off the list.

For instance, maybe your kid brother has been wanting to learn how to play the guitar. While a brand-new guitar might not fit your budget, at a pawn shop you might be able to find a previously owned guitar that is in great condition. Once you get to the pawn shop, you might also find vinyl records with music by gifted guitarists. Those vinyl records will probably be so inexpensive at the pawn shop that you can select more than one to go with your gift of the guitar.

If you are interested in selecting jewelry for any girls or women on your list, you'll probably find a great selection of both costume jewelry and things like gold earrings or sterling silver bracelets. When you look at the costume jewelry, you might find vintage pieces like earrings with old-fashioned phones or poodles as the main design. Maybe you know that somebody on your gift list already owns a sterling silver charm bracelet. At the pawn shop, you may find different sterling silver charms that would be a fun addition to the bracelet.

The pawn shop might even have a good selection of kitchen equipment. You might even find entire sets of beautiful flatware that your buddy and his new bride would love. If you're looking for something specific, remember that the clerks are there to help. For instance, maybe your mother collects things like old egg beaters. The clerk might be able to direct you to one that would be a great addition to your mother's collection.

Don't forget that you can sell things at the pawn shop, too. For instance, if you want some ready cash, you might be willing to sell a watch that you know you'll never wear. You'll have a grace period that will allow you to change your mind. It will be helpful for you to hold onto the claim ticket, just in case you do decide to keep the watch, after all. 

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