3 Tips To Remember When Buying Shungite Pendants

Jewelry items made from various crystals and stones have remained popular throughout the centuries. Some stones are sought after for their beauty, while others are desired for their perceived spiritual and healing properties.

Shungite is a stone that fits into both categories. The deep black and lustrous sheen of shungite appeals to the aesthetic of many modern consumers. Shungite is said to be able to deflect negative energy and help the wearer achieve balance as well.

If you are in the market for an elite shungite pendant, there are some important tips to keep in mind while you shop.

1. Choose a Durable Metal Setting

The metal that is paired with a shungite stone when creating a pendant plays an important role in the durability of the pendant over time. Shungite is considered a soft stone. This means that it can be prone to damage or may break more easily than harder stones might.

You want the metal setting in which the shungite is housed to be as durable as possible so that it can protect the stone.

Sterling silver or a precious metal make the most reliable pendant settings if you are hoping to invest in a shungite pendant you can enjoy for years to come.

2. Ask About Manufacturing Treatments

Many of the crystals and stones that are used in jewelry production are treated in a manufacturing facility before being sent to the jeweler.

There are many reasons why a stone would be treated. Some are treated to enhance their natural color. Others are treated to strengthen the stone.

Regardless of the reasoning behind these treatment processes, the chemicals and substances used to treat shungite could contribute to skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin allergies, be sure that you ask about the manufacturing treatments used on the stone in your desired pendant.

This information will help you determine which shungite pendant will be suitable for long-term wear.

3. Look for Polished Stones

The crystals and stones used in jewelry production can either be rough or polished. Rough stones are those that are set just as they are mined from the Earth. Polished stones are cleaned and honed to eliminate impurities and give each stone a lustrous glow.

You want to invest in a shungite pendant made with a polished stone.

Since shungite is a black stone, some of its beauty can be lost when it is in rough form. Polishing brings out the reflective nature of the stone, creating a more interesting and appealing pendant.

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