3 Reasons To Choose A Garden Fountain Over A Pond

As you plan out a garden for your backyard, you have the opportunity to choose a water element for the space provided. Water elements come in many forms, but two of the most common you will find are water fountains and garden ponds. Each element serves different purposes, but overall, you will find more advantages from garden decor water fountains.

1. Fewer Insects

Stagnant water is a magnet for insects. Mosquitos will lay eggs in the water and the still water of a pond could attract various forms of water bugs. When you purchase a garden fountain, the water is constantly moving and insects will not rest in the area. The lack of insects will help protect you from bug bites and also help protect your garden plants from bugs too.

2. Peaceful Sounds

A pond may look nice but does not come with the extra element of sound. Water fountains create a constant frequent sound as water travels down the fountain and splashes into a small pool. As you shop for garden decor water fountains, you can see the different waterfall shapes and designs.

Watch product videos on various options to see how the sounds change based on the design. For example, a higher waterfall with a more dramatic drop could have higher-pitched sounds. The speed of the water could also change the sound and impact it makes on the bottom of the design.

No matter what the sound is, you can enjoy peaceful tranquility as the water cycles around over and over again.

3. Less Water And Energy Use

A water fountain may look like it uses a lot of water, but the pump itself just cycles the same water over and over again. A pond is typically deeper, wider, and requires a lot more water. Conserve water and use the same water with a fountain. Pond water may turn to vapor easier and you will have to fill the pond more often.

Not only does the conservation of water help the environment, but you can save even more energy with a solar-powered water fountain. Solar panels provide the energy needed to process the pump on the fountain and supply moving water all throughout the day. Some fountains may also include lights to illuminate the water and add a nice effect at night.

Shop around to find a garden fountain that fits your garden theme and adds a nice water element to your garden space. For more information on garden decor water fountains, contact a professional near you.

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