3 Reasons Why Silver Surfers Should Choose Custom Wetsuits

Surfing in later life is a great way to stay fit, relax, and meet new people. However, choosing the right equipment is just as important for silver surfers as it is for younger, less experienced surfers, especially when it comes to choosing a wetsuit.

A custom-made wetsuit can be an excellent investment for any silver surfer. Here are three reasons why silver surfers should avoid off-the-shelf wetsuits and choose a custom, tailored wetsuit for their surfing sessions:

Stay Warmer For Longer

Wetsuits keep you warm in cold seas by trapping a layer of water inside the suit, against your skin. Your body heat warms this water layer, creating an insulating 'skin' of warm water that prevents excessive heat loss.

For this system to work effectively, the layer of trapped water must be relatively thin. If too much water is trapped inside the suit, it will not warm up quickly enough before more cold seawater enters the suit. This is why overly large, baggy wetsuits do not keep surfers warm, especially if they are too loose around the neck, wrists, and ankles.

Choosing a custom-made wetsuit gives you a wetsuit individually crafted to exactly match your body contours, with no baggy areas where pockets of cold water can form. A snug, tailored fit allows your wetsuit to trap a thin layer of water that will warm up quickly. This can be a great benefit for any surfer but is especially useful for silver surfers who feel the cold more keenly than they used to.

Minimize Chafing

As people get older, their skin loses collagen and becomes thinner. Thin, aging skin is more vulnerable to painful chafing and can take longer to heal if the chafing breaks the skin. Ill-fitting wetsuits are notorious for causing chafing, especially around the groin, elbows, knees, and armpits.

Custom-made wetsuits fit snugly around joints and other sensitive areas and stretch with your movements to prevent the neoprene from rubbing against your skin. They are ideal for silver surfers who don't want to deal with painful, irritating chafing.

Improved Mobility

Hauling yourself onto your surfboard to catch a wave is never easy, whatever your age. It will be a lot harder if your mobility is impaired by an ill-fitting wetsuit that impedes joint movement, or an overly baggy wetsuit that traps large amounts of heavy water.

A tailored wetsuit made by a quality custom wetsuit service is almost like a second skin and will not weigh you down or impede freedom of movement in any way. If you find mounting your surfboard a little tougher than you used to, a custom wetsuit will help maximize your mobility.

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