Getting Started With A Resale Money Making Business

Selling liquidated items on an e-commerce site can be profitable. Before you purchase liquidation items, consider the market for various types of merchandise and research the resale value of the items that you will be featuring. Then, invest in products that will be likely to appeal to your targeted audience.


Liquidation sales are often conducted when a company is closing down, but this is not always the case. Inventory moves throughout a business in phases. Any stock that is left at the end of a particular season, for instance, may ultimately be placed on discount or may be moved off of the storeroom floor.

The movement of the inventory frees up space for seasonal items and new merchandise that a shop owner has high hopes of selling. Liquidated items are often sold off to a third party. The purchaser buys the overstock, with the intention of turning a profit. You too can get started in this type of lucrative sales process. 

Professional Dealer

If you will be purchasing liquidated products online, research professional dealers that feature liquidated goods that originate from some of your favorite retailers. If a liquidator does not specify where a product has originated from, they will likely provide a description of the goods that they are selling.

A professional dealer that has been reselling goods for many years may have a lot of inventory in stock. Going through this type of business to obtain the items that you will be reselling will allow you to fully launch your resale strategy. Learn about the original prices of goods and come up with a resale value that you will charge your customers. Before you can sell goods on a resale platform, you will need to obtain a resale certificate.

Many online sales platforms require proof of a certificate, prior to allowing someone to list their merchandise through the site. The company that you obtain liquidated items from may sell individual products and palletized products. Before you purchase any liquidated items that you will be adding to your inventory, find out how much shipping you will need to pay to have the goods shipped to you.

Since palletized items may be heavy and contain many pieces, you will want to be provided with a relatively fair shipping cost. Upon receiving the goods, inspect them and take photos of them. Then, list them on the resale platform that you have selected.

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